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Richfield Ice Arena — Rink: rink #2

Sunday, November 10th, 2019 — 9:10 AM

Organized By: Church League  
Scheduled Date: Sunday, November 10th, 2019 — 9:10 AM
Session Type: Pickup Hockey
Session Length: 75 minutes
Total Skaters: 22
Total Goalies: 2
Session Cost: $15.00
Goalie Session Cost: Free
Skill Level: Level 2.5  Skill Definitions

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Organizer Notes:

Church league-if hockey is your religion, the ice is sacred,you have a good attitude (even if you get hacked accidentally) and can share (the puck) --put on your favorite holy sweater and come celebrate the game of hockey with unwavering faith you will put one in-between the pipes Passing is essential.(we want everyone who comes out to get the opportunity to get puck time) If you are a coast to coast skater this is not for you. Bad additudes is the only demographic we do not accept:)

Please Note: If you cancel from this skate time you'll need to contact the organizer to see if you're eligible for a refund. Hockey Finder is not responsible for refunds.

Dark Team

1:   Elijah Tigray  
2:   Jackie Jensen  
3:   Pat Martin   
4:   Sean kurth  
5:   Damon Wickhem  
6:   Joe Zierden  
7:   Wayne Rhoades  
8:   Dan Gilman  
9:   Steve Mosing  
10:   Andrew Medley  
11:   Peter Shannon  
GT:   Tim Martin   

Light Team

1:   Chris Loyd  
2:   Brian Smith  
3:   Jeff Hormel  
4:   Dan Magnuson  
5:   Ricky Chow  
6:   Scott Hamilton  
7:   Eric Wieffering  
8:   Justin Oswald  
9:   Graham Gaboury  
10:   Tanner Elmore  
11:   Eric Bensen  
GT:   Eric L. Goalie   
Richfield Ice Arena
636 East 66th Street
Richfield, MN 55423

(612) 861-9351
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