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League Rules

League Q&A

Q. What's my skill level?
A. One of our main goals at Hockey Finder is to ensure parity within our league. With thousands of players playing it certainly is a challenge however with this guideline CLICK HERE and seasonal reviews by our captains and division managers we feel we're best set up to ensure games are close and everyone is having fun. Hockey skill rankings are essentially an average of many dynamic factors, including hockey knowledge and experience, skating ability, stick handling skills, athleticism, sportsmanship and opportunity. Each individual is unique and skill rankings call for objective and honest assessment of a variety of factors so that we're able to have parity within each division.

Q. When does the season start?
A. Season dates run the weeks below:
  • Spring 2024: April 7 - June 23
  • Summer 2024: July 7 - September 27
  • Fall 2024: September 29 - December 15

Q. What happens after I sign up?
A. Within a week of your first game, your Division Manager or Captain will reach out with information about your team and your schedule. Your Captain will be your point of contact for any updates about your attendance, your preferred position, and anything else during the season. If you ordered jerseys, you'll receive them within a few weeks.

Q. When will I know which team I'm on?
A. To accommodate last minute changes, Division Managers and Captains typically announce teams about a week before the first game.

Q. When will the schedule be posted?
A. Schedules are posted once the rink confirms times. It's not uncommon for rinks to wait to confirm game times a few weeks before the season starts.

Q. Why is there a jersey fee?
A. The jersey fee is to cover a portion of the cost to supply players with a White and Green jersey required to play in the league. All players in the Hockey Finder leagues have white and green jerseys making it easy to switch divisions, balance teams, and pull subs from other divisions if needed.

Q. Can I pick my jersey number?
A. Yes and no. Our standard league jerseys are ordered in bulk and prepackaged, so we have no way of stocking and honoring number requests. We do however offer our members the option to buy custom sublimated jerseys once per season. When purchasing custom jerseys you can select whichever number and name you want printed on the back. Order windows are open for approximately 7 days per season. Our website and social media announce windows as they near.

Q. Do I have to pay the jersey fee every season?
A. No so long as you don't lose them. It is a one time fee. You will receive a white and a dark HockeyFinder jersey which can be used in any of our leagues.

Q. When do I get my jerseys?
A. Jerseys are mailed to players when they first join the league and pay the one time jersey fee of $24.99. Please ensure the jersey size you want is correct in your player profile and address is correct when paying for them.

Q. I lost my jersey(s) can I order a new set?
A. Yes. Jerseys can be ordered by CLICKING HERE. The cost is $24.99 for the set plus shipping.

Q. How do I get those nicer personalized jerseys?
A. Hockey Finder has order windows 4 times per year (once per season) where players are able to buy apparel including custom sublimated jerseys. The cost is $40 per jersey or $75.00 for the set.

Q. Is checking allowed?
A. Absolutely NOT! This is a fun, friendly, social hockey league. We have ZERO tolerance for aggressive play and inappropriate behavior. Problem players will be removed from the league with no refunds.

Q. How old do I have to be to play in the Hockey Finder adult league?
A. For all adult leagues, players must be 18 or older before the season begins. Players 17 and under are eligible to play in the appropriate age division of our High School Hockey Leagues.

Q. What equipment is required?
A. Hockey Finder REQUIRES full hockey gear. Players must wear a csa approved hockey helmet, player skates, elbow pads, jock or jill, shin pads, and hockey gloves. Shoulder pads, face mask (full or half) and hockey breezers are optional but are recommended especially for beginners. Goalies must wear a csa approved helmet, throat protector or clavicle, chest protector, goalie pants, a glove, a blocker, a jock or jill, pads on their legs and goalie skates. Additionally an appropriate hockey player stick or goalie stick.

Q. I missed my season gift. How do I get it?
A. Hockey Finder has a tradition of offering a small gift to every registered player each season. To receive this gift, you must be a current, registered player who regularly attends scheduled games. We will not mail or deliver gifts to those whose attendance is irregular and/or fail to coordinate with their Team Captains.

Q. How are teams made?
A. Teams are randomly created through the Hockey Finder system taking into account the skill levels of players signed up for that division. During the registration process players are required to self assign themselves to a Hockey Finder Skill Level which is used for creating teams so it is important that players are honest about their skill level. A week or two prior to the season starting the captains review player skill levels and make any recommendations they feel are needed. After that process the teams are randomly created using an algorithm which takes into account skill levels and teammate requests. Once the teams are created they are reviewed by the division captains. Once all captains agree the teams appear to be balanced they are then announced to the division. The league and captains review teams/players during the first few games of the season and if things appear to be off balance we try to balance them out by moving players around. We try to avoid moving players but if things are way off we feel it's best for everyone to balance things out. Teams will be re-shuffled after each season so that eventually players have an opportunity to play with everyone from their division.

Q. What is the policy for putting friends on the same team?
A. Hockey Finder recognizes some players will prefer to play on the same team with at least one friend, family member, or carpool partner. In an effort to make this possible without negatively affecting our unique format we've developed the following team placement policy.
IMPORTANT: Requests submitted after teams have been announced and/or the season has begun are less likely to be honored. We will do our best to honor all teammate requests, but reserve the right to break up players when deemed necessary to support team skill level balance. For best results, please register and submit your request no sooner than two weeks prior to the first game.

Teammate Request Policy - Returning Players Returning players may request to be on the same team, however these requests will only be honored in pairs. For example, Player A cannot request to be on player B's team if Player B has already submitted a request to be paired with Player C.
Teammate Request Policy - New Players
Players entirely new to Hockey Finder can request to play on the same team as another player or an existing pair, thus forming a trio for a single season. The maximum group size is three and is only possible when at least one new player is part of the group.

Q. How do I request to be on the same team as a friend?
A. To make a friend request players must be fully registered for the same division. Requests cannot be recorded for participants not yet fully registered. Once both players are registered, log in to your account, use the top right menu to go to My Games, and click the green Choose Teammate option beside your league registration. This will bring you to a screen where you can search for your friend and submit the request. A new player can request to join a pair only after the returning players have submitted their initial request. They may then select either of the two returning players with their request.

Q. I need to cancel my registration. Is that possible?
The cancellation deadline for all divisions is 30 days prior to the start of the season. A full refund of league fees will be issued for qualifying cancellations. Jerseys are refundable if returned to Hockey Finder unused and in like-new condition. Absolutely NO cancellations will be processed within 30 days of the start of a season, with two exceptions. 1) a registered player may transfer their registration to another person (must fit the skill level of the division), at which point a refund will be issued; and 2) there is someone on a waitlist for the respective division willing to take the place of the rostered player requesting a refund. Hockey Finder will refund the amount paid by the waitlisted player minus a $20 administration fee.

Q. Do participants including players, captains, division managers and officials have health coverage?
A. Hockey Finder does not provide primary health coverage for it's participants and requires everyone to have have their own primary health insurance. Hockey Finder does have supplemental insurance which can be used on a case by case basis but only as a secondary source. A file must be claimed with a primary insurance provider before a claim can be made through our insurance provider. For more info please contact us.

Q. What is the inclement weather policy? Does Hockey Finder cancel games?
A. All Hockey Finder games are held rain or shine (or snow), but are subject to the policies of their respective arenas. In the event a game is cancelled by an arena, Hockey Finder will attempt to reschedule any missed games or offer a partial credit, but can not guarantee an alternate date and time will be available and will not issue cash refunds.

Q. How do I add myself to the waitlist?
A. If the division you want to join is full, scroll to the bottom of the page and you'll see an option to add yourself to the waitlist. Make sure you select the correct type of player (player/skater or goalie) in the "Play As:" dropdown and select your name in the "Player:" field. Click the green "Wait List Sign-Up" button. You'll receive an email notification that you're on the wait list. If a spot opens up, we will contact you.

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