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Connect with the Hockey Finder community and leave a lasting impression!

Hockey Finder is based out of Minneapolis, MN but it's reach expands across the country. Our adult league is one of the largest in the country and is currently offered in three states with more coming. Members also offer their own pickup hockey and games have been offered around the United States. To support our program and pickup hockey, we are currently seeking prospective business partners to advocate and promote by showcasing their company brand and product. Sponsorship advertising space and division sponsorship opportunities for our league are limited. If you're looking to connect with our 20,000+ users contact us today!!!

How much exposure can provide for my brand?

Hockey Finder has been established now for over 10 years and is a trusted brand in the hockey community. Our network of hockey players/enthusiasts is the perfect target market for any company looking to connect to this specific target market and associate its brand with ours. We have affordable local sponsorship opportunities for small businesses to connect with players in their area as well as larger sponsorship opportunities for companies looking to connect with players around the country and beyond.

What are the hard facts?

Hockey Finder is recognized as the leader in the hockey community for its adult/youth leagues as well as its online tools for both players and organizers to connect to make the game more accessible.

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