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Spring registration opens Feb 1st!

Hockey Finder Youth and Adult leagues are designed to make the game of hockey more fun. We encourage friendly play in a less competitive environment and promote a more social atmosphere. Players sign up as individuals and based on their skill level balanced teams are randomly created.* Our leagues are a great alternative or compliment to more competitive leagues and are the perfect place for those looking for a more organized game than pickup or open hockey.

What Hockey Finder League Players have to say about the league - Click Here

*Players new to the league can request to play on the same team as a friend. Players may be moved to another team after a couple of games to balance teams.
    Note: Please read Hockey Finder Skill Level Definitions to get an idea of where you should play.



      Twin Cities - North Metro, MN - Adult
      Twin Cities - South Metro, MN - Adult
      Twin Cities - East Metro, MN - Adult
      Twin Cities - West Metro, MN - Adult
      St.Cloud, MN - Adult
      Duluth, MN - Adult
      Rochester, MN - Adult
      Twin Cities - Women's Only Leagues
      Minnesota Youth Leagues


      Omaha, NE - Adult

      League Rules

        Want a division of the Hockey Finder Hockey League in your City?
        • If you are interested in staring a new division of the hockey finder league in your area please contact us
        • If you want to be informed of any new opportunities in your area register

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            Players register as individuals and are placed on a team. You can play in as many divisions as you like. Schedules are set well in advance so you can see when the game times are!


                Go to the division page found above to see schedules or visit the league calendar


                There will be a captain assigned for each team. If you are interested in being a captain please contact us.


                Adult: Winter (Jan-March) , Spring (April-June) , Summer (July-September) , Fall (October-December)
                Youth: Spring & Summer


                Teams are randomly created based on player skill levels. All registered players must provide their skill level based on the Hockey Finder Skill Level rating system. Players skill levels are reviewed by team captains and teams may be adjusted to balance out teams. Teams are re-shuffled after each season to maintain a social atmosphere. Players may request to play on the same team as a friend using our team policy below.
                Hockey Finder recognizes the importance of playing on the same team as the person who recruited you into the league, family, friends and the next door neighbor who you car pool with. In an effort to make this possible without changing our unique format we've developed the following team placement policy.
                Team Placement Policy - New Players New players can request to play on the same team as another player or an existing pairing. This request can be made at any point during the registration period. The maximum group size per team is 3 and is only possible when at least one new player is part of the group. All players MUST be registered for the upcoming season in order to make the request.
                Team Placement Policy - Returning Players Returning players may request to be on the same team however these requests will only be honored in pairs, e.g., Player A and B can request to be on the same team however Player A can't request to be on player B's team and then player B request to be on player C's team. Both players MUST be registered for the upcoming season in order to make the request.


                Youth - Team jersey provided for each participant.
                Adult - There's a one time jersey fee of $25 which includes 2 league jerseys for you to keep.
                Jerseys are mailed to you prior to the start of the season.
                Players may also elect to buy 2 personalized sublimated Hockey Finder jerseys for $70 ($35/each) during order windows.

              Promote the league

                Below is a link to the Hockey Finder League Flyer. Print it off and hang up at work, at rinks and sport stores or anywhere else around town.


                If you would like information on sponsoring the league or division of the league please contact us.