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Become a part of! is based out of Minneapolis, MN but it's reach is intend to go way beyond the city limits. We envision a central location where anyone from anywhere can organize and find a game of hockey. To support our program and pick-up hockey, we are currently seeking prospective business partners to advocate and promote by showcasing their company brand and product across a wide variety of co-branded paraphernalia. Sponsorship advertising space and product placement opportunities are also available on our website and e-newsletters which currently reaches over 1200 users. This number is growing quickly!!!

For more information and sponsorship opportunities please contact us.

How much exposure can provide for my brand?

Even though the idea of organizing pick-up games online is new and we are a young organization, the idea is spreading quickly within the hockey community and our growth is virtually limitless. Our goal is to create a network /community for hockey players and organizers alike to make the process of organizing and finding a game simple. This includes all forms of hockey, from ice to grass and skates to wheels.

And the exposure doesn't stop there! We are planning a variety of events, gatherings, tournaments and most importantly adding many more pick up games so that your brand gets seen often and by hockey fanatics. We also plan on utilizing other aspects of the web to simplify the process of getting the word out. Hockey videos about pick up hockey will be posted on and groups have been added to major social networks I.e. facebook and myspace

What are the hard facts? is quickly been recognized as the place to organize, find and play pick up hockey. Our idea of creating opportunities for both hockey organizers and players to come together is simply an extension of our passion for the game. We would appreciate any inquiries, big or small, about sponsorship.