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Custom Hockey Jerseys

Stop your search - Hockey Finder now offers Custom Dye Sublimated Hockey Jerseys

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Is your team looking to stand out in your hockey league? Hockey Finder offers cutting edge custom sublimated hockey jerseys. Be the envy of your league when you hit the ice with our high quality custom sublimated hockey jerseys. They are made to the highest standard for quality and durability. We use 100% polyester "airknit" fabric which is strong, lightweight and breathable. can do ANY design! Design services also available.

Unbeatable Prices!!!

As low as $64.95 per jersey with sponsorship - see below, (custom design, includes name and numbers) you can feel comfortable in knowing your team is maximizing it's budget dollars and not compromising quality. sponsored hockey jersey program

Save money with our hockey jersey sponsorship program!!! Put the logo on your jersey and we will take $5 off the cost of each jersey. ($64.95 each discounted price)

Regular price without logo $69.95

About Dye Sublimated Hockey Jerseys

Dye sublimation is a process in which all design elements including logos, lettering, numbers, team names, sponsor logos, etc. are dyed directly into the fabric. This has the advantage of being permanent, and actually becomes part of the fabric as opposed to screen printing which will eventually wear off and deteriorate. It also makes the hockey jersey very lightweight and breathable.

Dye Sublimation Explained:

The basic dye sublimation process uses special heat-sensitive dyes to print graphics, text and virtually any image onto special transfer paper. The paper is then placed on the pre-cut fabric pattern and both are placed into a heat press. When the heating cycle is completed, the image on the paper has been transferred to the item and has actually reformed into or underneath the surface. Run your finger across the surface of a sublimated garment and you will feel nothing. The reason for this is that sublimation is always done on a polyester, polymer, or polymer-coated item, in the case of team uniforms 100% polyester garments. At high temperatures, the solid dye converts into a gas without ever becoming a liquid. The same high temperature opens the pores of the polyester fabric and allows the gas to enter. When the temperature drops, the pores close and the gas reverts to a solid state. It has now become a part of the fabric. This is why dye sublimation can’t be done on natural materials, such as 100% cotton. Natural fibers and non-coated materials which have no "pores" to open cannot accept the gas vapor. The dye particles are designed to bond with polyester, and ignore everything else. It is like trying to mix oil and water with most natural materials.

A DYE impregnates color into a material and this color change is permanent. SUBLIMATION refers to the change from the solid, to the gaseous state without becoming liquid.

DYE SUBLIMATION refers to solid dye particles that are changed into gas using heat and pressure, which then bond with any polymers present and change back into a solid.

Dark materials cannot be used with the sublimation process so all of our dye sublimated apparel starts out as solid white fabric. Garments decorated with a dye sublimation transfer cannot be removed like images on shirts decorated with screen printing. Again, this is not ink that sits on top of the fabric; it is a dye that penetrates the fiber of the fabric.


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