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    2024 - 18U High School Hockey League

    Registration Open!

    • 18 and under players looking for a weekly game.
    • No check, no boarding, no open ice hits, rub-out only
    • All games have certified officials.
    • 24 games broken into 3 seasons. All teams make playoffs.
    • 1 hour games. Players sign up as individuals and teams are made by administration. Select up to 2 teammates (groups of 3 max). Teams shuffle after each season (8 weeks)
    • Sunday afternoons, program schedule below. 24 total games. (3 sessions of 8 games, teams are scrambled after each session completion)
    • Spring Season: April 14 - June 9 - Schedule
    • Summer Season: June 16 - August 11 - Schedule
    • Fall Season: August 18 - October 13 - Schedule
    • Players:
    • 24 games (Spring, Summer and Fall) $599 through March 31, $649 after April 1.

    • OR
    • Spring, 8 games, $249
    • Summer, 8 games, $249
    • Fall, 8 games, $249
    • Goalies 24 week commitment:
    • Full Program (Spring, Summer and Fall) $149
    Registration - 2024 program registration! Where
    • Bloomington Ice Garden (Bloomington MN)
    • If your player is interested in being a captain please contact us to apply. Primary role is to help with attendance and manage the bench
    • 15 skaters per team
    • 2 goalies per team. Goalies will alternate games and are welcome to skate out or sub (if needed) on their off week.
    Goalie Subs
    • If your goalie is interested in being a sub please contact us
    Jersey/Uniform - required
    • There is a one time $29.99 jersey fee. If you are a returning player or have Hockey Finder jerseys already there is no need to purchase another set. If you are new Hockey Finder jerseys are required to play.

    Hockey Finder High School and College Leagues FAQs

    Please read the following and contact if you have any questions.

    Before the season starts

    Each team will have 2 goalies who will rotate games every other week. Goalies can skate out on their off week and receive priority as subs for other teams.

    Hockey Finder jerseys are the only uniform requirement. If you do not have a set or did not pay for them at registration, you can purchase a set before the first game at Jersey numbers are assigned at random, with no requests for specific numbers.

    Teammate Requests
    You may request to play with one other player. Both players must be signed up for the same division to make a friend request. Requests can only be entered after both participants are registered. Once players are signed up, simply login to your account, use the top right menu to go to “My Games,” and click the green “Choose Teammate” option beside your league registration. Then, you will be able to search for your friend and make the connection.

    Each team needs 1 captain responsible for monitoring attendance and goalie participation. If you want to become a captain, please email for more information.

    Schedule and Rosters
    The best source of information is to log into your account and click on “My Games.“ Access your schedule, rosters, and other information on the website. Please refer to the information provided on the website before emailing Hockey Finder admins.

    During the Season

    Submitting attendance each week is mandatory, with no exceptions. Players must confirm if they are coming or not to be allowed to take the ice. It takes seconds to report your attendance and helps captains and coaches plan accordingly.

    Reporting Attendance
    NOT reporting your attendance may result in losing your spot for the week. If the captains do not feel enough skaters are coming, they will find subs to take your spot. You will receive an email each week to update your attendance. If you do not get an email, you can

    • Log into your account
    • Click ”My Games” in the top right
    • Click the clock-like symbol in your “League Games” and update

    Game Day Readiness
    Please be ready to take the ice at least 10 minutes before the game starts.

    Water Bottles
    Bring your own. Do not touch or use other people's water bottles (or belongings).

    Shift Length
    Players should be taking 30-45 second shifts. If players frequently take shifts 2 minutes or longer, the coach may sit the player for a period. Please be conscious of your shift time and share appropriately with your teammates.

    Blue Line Icing
    To maximize ice time, we use the far blue line for icing (not red line). This keeps the game moving with fewer stoppages of play.

    Please remind your player this is rub-out hockey only. Coaches will remind players regularly that this is a fun and social off-season hockey league where we can keep our feet moving and enjoy the game without getting hurt. If players are pushing the physical play, they will get a warning from the officials, and if it continues, they will be removed from the program without a refund.

    Each 8 week session will be 6 weeks of regular season play, followed by 2 weeks of playoffs. All teams make the playoffs. The 11 week sessions will consist of 9 weeks of regular season play, with 2 weeks of playoffs.

    Subs MUST be current Hockey Finder players. No outside (not currently participating) subs are allowed. Bringing a friend will result in immediate dismissal without a refund.

    Technical Tie
    If both teams have 7 or fewer players in any game, we will record the match as a tie and mix all in attendance to play a full game.

    Technical Win/Loss
    In any game, if one team has 6 or fewer and the other team has 10 or more, we will mix all in attendance, and the team with more players (1-0) will earn the win. This rule does not apply in playoffs.

    Mutual Respect
    We expect all players to respect each other, referees, and coaches on and off the ice. There will be no tolerance for poor behavior.

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