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    2019 High School Hockey League (August-October)

    Only $199 if registered by June 30!

    Important Players register as individuals and are placed on teams. Schedules are simple, similar time, similar area, same late afternoon weekly!

      Girls 2019 League Details

      More Games, More Ice, More Fun

      • High School players looking for a weekly game.
      • Girls Division - 18 and under (primarily seniors, juniors, sophomores and some freshmen in high school)
      • No check, Rub-Out only, No boarding or Open Ice Hits. All games have certified officials.
      • Sundays between 4-7pm. 11 Week Season
      • Weekly 1 hour game. Players sign up as individuals and teams are drafted.
      • Season Summer - 11 weeks beginning August and ending mid October
      • Braemar and Eden Prairie
      • If your player is interested in being a captain player contact us to apply. Primary role is to help with attendance and manage the bench
      • 15 skaters, 2 goalies (goalies alternate or can elect to play full time, contact us for details)
      • Players $199/season (11 games)
      • Goalies $125/season (11 games)

      League Culture

        Hockey Finder Youth and Adult leagues are designed to make the game of hockey more fun. We encourage friendly play in a competitive environment and promote a more social atmosphere. Players sign up as individuals and based on their skill level balanced teams are randomly created.* Our leagues are a great alternative or compliment to more competitive leagues and are the perfect place for those looking for a more organized game than pickup or open hockey.

        Players Sign up below for immediate registration or print and mail a registration form.

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        League Q&A

        Q. Are there coaches/instructors?
        A. for 3v3 leagues: There will be 2 games going simultaneously. Each game will have an assigned adult coach that will assist in line changes and general organization. We will rotate teams 2-4 times during each session.
        A. for 5v5 leagues: Each team will have an assigned permanent coach. Some levels will also have a team captain position available.

        Q. Can my player move up with the older kids?
        A. We provide all players with the option to move up. This is particularly common for players coming from higher levels of association hockey and those who are interested in playing with a friend or family member at a higher level. The League reserves the right to move players up and down according to their skill level.

        Q. Is checking allowed?
        A. Absolutely NOT! This is a fun, friendly, social hockey league. We have ZERO tolerance for aggressive play and inappropriate behavior. Problem players will be removed from the league with no refunds.

        Q. What equipment is required?
        A. All normal regulation gear as required by USA Hockey.

        Q. How are teams made?
        A.for 3v3 leagues: Teams are made randomly each week based on attendance.
        A.for 5v5 leagues: Teams are made after week 1 and set for the season. Trades may occur in order to balance teams as needed.

        Q. Can 2 players be on the same team?
        A. Teams change week to week. There are no guarantees.

        Q. Can girls pay too?
        A. Yes

        Q. I need to cancel my registration. Is that possible?
        A. The cancellation deadline for all divisions is one month prior to the start of the season for youth leagues. A $20 admin fee will be charged for cancellations. No cancellations will be processed after the deadline. You may request to move your registration to a future season or have it transferred to someone else. Note: we often have a wait list for players to join the league. If this is the case we can transfer the registration to someone on the wait list.
        If the youth league includes a sublimated jersey, there is an additional $50 cancel fee

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