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Johnny Loney Award

The Johnny Loney Award
    This award will be given to one player each season who exhibits outstanding sportsmanship and gentlemanly conduct on and off the ice as well as an effort to promote the fun-friendly-social culture of the Hockey Finder league.
    Nominate a player by contacting us. Be sure to include the player's name, which division they play in and why you feel they should win the award. You can nominate as many players as you'd like.
Award Winners
  1. Johnny Loney - Spring 2013
  2. Karen Guillard - Summer 2013
  3. Rachel Carson - Winter 2013
  4. Dick Osterberg - Spring 2014
  5. Dan Roe - Summer 2014
  6. Chris Taylor - Fall 2014
About the league
    Hockey Finder Youth and Adult leagues are designed to make the game of hockey more fun. We encourage friendly play in a less competitive environment and promote a more social atmosphere. Players sign up as individuals and based on their skill level balanced teams are randomly create. Our leagues are a great alternative or compliment to more competitive leagues and are the perfect place for those looking for a more organized game than pickup or open hockey.
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