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Highland Arena

Tuesday, September 19th, 2023 — 9:30 PM

Organized By: Street Factory  
Scheduled Date: Tuesday, September 19th, 2023 — 9:30 PM
Session Type: Pickup Hockey
Session Length: 60 minutes
Total Skaters: 20
Total Goalies: 2
Session Cost: $15.00
Goalie Session Cost: Free
Skill Level: Level 3 - Intermediate  Skill Definitions

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Organizer Notes:

Street Factory Media is an ad agency based in Uptown Minneapolis. What started as just a company pickup game has grown into a weekly game from people across the Twin Cities from all different backgrounds. Anyone is welcome to play, you don't need any special affiliations. We just like to come out, get some exercise and play a bit of hockey. The organizer is Andy Berndt - please email with any questions

Please Note: If you cancel from this skate time you'll need to contact the organizer to see if you're eligible for a refund. Hockey Finder is not responsible for refunds.

Dark Team

1:  Trevor Philblad  
2:  Gary Arvidson  
3:  David Lang  
4:  Ryan Christopherson  
5:  Ethan Olson  
6:  Mike Wendland  
7:  Jeremy Wang  
8:  Chris Thomford  
9:  Tyler Johnson  
10:  Josh Kujawa  
GT:  Cory Becker-Kim  

Light Team

1:  Chad Samuelson  
2:  Mike Swenson  
3:  Pat Berger  
4:  Andy Berndt  
5:  Tyson Schroder  
6:  Joe Ceronsky  
7:  Bill Cousins  
8:  Jim "Mouthy" Schauer  
9:  Kerry McAlister  
10:  Zac Marlow  
GT:  shawn flesher  
Highland Arena
800 S Snelling Ave
St Paul, MN 55116

(651) 695-3766

Wait List

1:   Presten Sundeen  
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