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New Hope Ice Arena — Rink: South

Tuesday, April 30th, 2024 — 5:30 PM

Organized By: Thomas Miltich  
Scheduled Date: Tuesday, April 30th, 2024 — 5:30 PM
Session Type: Pickup Hockey
Session Length: 90 minutes
Total Skaters: 10
Total Goalies: 0
Session Cost: $19.00
Goalie Session Cost: Free
Skill Level: Level 3.8  Skill Definitions

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Organizer Notes:

** This session is for players only or the goalies have already been chosen. **

We host a friendly, weekly game for a core group of guys that has played together for over 20 years. $18 for 90 minutes payable before you hit the ice (Online). Hotdogs, puck hogs and long shifters need not apply. We have two goalies signed up barring any last minute emergencies. -2 Locker rooms will be assigned to each ice time. Check the screen at the desk upon entry for locker room assignments.

Please Note: If you cancel from this skate time you'll need to contact the organizer to see if you're eligible for a refund. Hockey Finder is not responsible for refunds.

Dark Team

1:  Zachary Simmons  
2:  Kyle Kelley  
3:  James Coppens  
4:  Aaron Berzinski  
5:  Jared Konen  

Light Team

1:  Tyler Enright  
2:  James Williams  
3:  Jordan Anderson  
4:  Jeffrey Robarge  
5:  Brandon Van Zeeland  
New Hope Ice Arena
4949 Louisiana Ave N
New Hope, MN 55428

(763) 531-5181

Wait List

1:   Noah Nelson  
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