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Sign-up for a League

Types of Leagues

League Registration

All skill-based leagues have their own registration forms. You can play in as many leagues as you like, but you have to sign-up for each league individually. On the league page, you will see the registration form to sign-up for a league.

How to Sign-Up for a League

Complete the registration form specifying the player and player type.

  • Player - The 'Player' drop down contains a list of the players on your account who are not already signed-up for the selected league. Use this drop down to choose the player who will participate in the league.
  • Player Type - You can choose to play as a skater or a goalie. If there is different pricing for skaters and goalies the registration price will automatically update when you change the player type.
  • Skill Level - The skill level helps Hockey Finder balance the league teams so the games are fun and evenly matched.
  • Jerseys - Some leagues offer jerseys for an additional fee. Uncheck this checkbox if you need to purchase jerseys. Additional text boxes will display allowing you to specify jersey size and shipping address.

Once you have completed the registration form, click the 'Register and proceed to payment' button. Your registration information will be saved and you will be redirected to the payment page. You must complete your payment before you are included in the league.

Example of league registration screen

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