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Why Choose the Hockey Finder Hockey League

Watch this video to find out why the Hockey Finder League is the place to play if you're looking for a FUN-FRIENDLY-SOCIAL League

We asked our players why they love our league and this is what they said:

The last tournament was one of the best tournaments Alex and I have ever played in.
All games were close, the competition was fun and competitive, and it was layed out perfect on the timing.
- Brandon B - Spring Mixer 2015

Just wanted to mention, I really appreciate the pictures, both getting them taken and the fact that they are posted quickly and without cost. Being very new to skating/hockey, I wasn't all that sure about Hockeyfinder at first, but this is an example of one of the many reasons I've come back and will continue to play for the foreseeable future. Just wanted to let you know that I appreciated it and to keep it up..
- Izac A Edina Sunday 2-3 Division

I grew up playing competitive hockey in Minnesota and have played in numerous mens' hockey leagues over the years and what sets HockeyFinder ​ ​apart from the other mens' leagues I've played in is its laid back atmosphere.

Don't get me wrong when I say laid back, the games are competitive. But HF has a unique business model in that if you play in the league for a few sessions you get to know almost all the players. And in turn that produces a laid back atmosphere on the ice during the games. You are less likely to take or receive any cheap shots that you might get playing in a standard mens' league where you only really get to know your teammates. And after all, we aren't playing for the Stanley Cup and we all need to work the next day...

So if you are looking to get back into hockey either as a beginner or an advanced player, try HF out and I trust you will know what I'm talking about when I say the league is "laid back and competitive".
- John Keller Wednesday Int/Advanced Division

I like it because it's a lot lower stress than some of the youth/HS games, and it's a lot more fun because the players are on your level, mentally and physically. It's fun to joke around with the players and you develop relationships the more you do it. Some of the games are late but once you get there the time doesn't matter.
I'm glad I took the leap and did it, that's for sure
- Chelsea (league on ice official)

I want to thank you and all of the other members of HockeyFinders who makes this great league possible. I just started my first winter league and all of the players on the team I am currently on are a great bunch of guys. The first game I was kind of nervous of what to expect being on a new team and not have skated in a league in years. The other players seemed to know each other very well and made sure that I fit in as a team mate The great part is the guys are more concerned about having fun and everybody getting plenty of ice time then showing off and getting overly physical. Thanks again for a great league!
- Rick M

I like that atmosphere and camaraderie are emphasized over competition, and that players in this league put in the time and effort to create a truly friendly and social atmosphere. This creates a welcoming and encouraging environment for new players, and builds lasting relationships both on and off the ice. I have yet to find a more overwhelmingly fun and inviting organization or group of people.
- Chris B.

Amazing people, fun times, and great hockey with a laid back culture!
- Kelly H.

I think it all starts with the two fellas that run it. You can honestly tell they love hockey, and love bringing that to others. The leagues themselves are incredibly fun; the competition is definitely there but everyone plays with and incredible amount of respect that you don't see in other leagues. I can't say how many times someone will take a fall, lose an edge, whatever it may be, and everyone always makes sure they're okay. That's something I’ve never before seen in any other leagues. That comes from the league's culture which is very obvious, and everyone works so hard to keep it that way. Also the opportunities that come up outside of the leagues - setting up a great fundraiser for Jack Jablonski, games at the X, pickup hockey, the list goes on, are all amazing. Cheers!
- Nick H.

Being on a different team every season allows everyone to get much better. I love the fact I get to know someone while they are on my team, then have a friendly competition the following season, then back on the same team in the next season. That makes the games a lot friendlier. And the management team is awesome! Thank you for all that great work! Did I even mention the freebies?
- Valerie P.

I like the laid back atmosphere. Competitive but fun. You meet and play with new people every week or every season. It's year-round fun for low cost. You're accepted by your teammates regardless of your skating ability, sex, age, race or who you sleep with etc. I don't know how to put this into words nicely but something like: people who play in this league seem to have a low tolerance for jerks?
- Mark L.

Compared to the other leagues (okay so i'm only in one other): same time every week, AWESOME people to play with, lightweight jerseys that are not astronomically expensive... and I suppose I should mention that after every game there is BEER.
- Meredith K.

The laid back and inviting atmosphere speaks volumes. The fact that the league is VERY affordable is an added bonus.
- Darren B.

Hockey Finder is really a misnomer in my opinion. The name means so much more than just hockey. I have found that the league allows me to push myself at my own pace. From the very beginning the league, its players, and managers, allowed me to feel comfortable getting on the ice knowing that I would have a fun time regardless of how bad I played. I have met some really cool people and some that I consider good friends now. The key attractive features for the league are cost, low pressure, different teams every session, good competition at each level, open to everyone, cool gifts, cold beer, good management, great camaraderie, access to playing at the X from time to time, good times for pickup games, and regular schedules. Regardless of the skill level, Hockey Finder has a place for you, and I consider it THE premier place to get back into the game or to start your hockey career as an adult.
- Carlos M.

I really like that you offer an individual format for deepening my hockey love. It allows me to have a different yet equally awesome experience from my other hockey adventures, thereby keeping me interested, motivated, and developing. Love me some hockey finder!
- Aleida Z.

I also love that this league encourages relationships off the ice. Not only are they welcoming towards players, they also welcome the families of each player. I have gotten to meet and talk to spouses/significant others, parents, and children at some of the family friendly events Hockey Finder has put on.
- Emily B.

I ref with Hockey Finder for some extra money to put into my vehicles i.e., new tires, a radiator, belts, etc. Also, it's a nice, respectful and pleasant atmosphere. There are no coaches to question every call you make, and players are respectful when you explain a call you make.
- Tim

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