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      Plymouth Tuesday - Level 2.5-4 Division

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      Registration for Fall Opens August 1st! Fall season starts week of September 29th

        Registration Details

        Fall Registration Opens August 1st (July 25th for Summer players returning to the same division)

        • Fall season will start the week of September 29th

        Registration Fees:

        • Early Bird August 1st - August 15th: $199 for skaters, $64 for goalies
        • Regular price registration August 16th and after: $209 for skaters, $64 for goalies


        • There is a one time $34.99 jersey cost, free shipping during league registration.
        • Jerseys can also be purchased for $34.99 outside of registration. CLICK HERE to buy them.


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        League Details

        Plymouth Tuesday - Level 2.5-4 Division
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        Hockey Finder embraces a unique format to support a culture of Fun - Friendly - Social play. Players register as individuals within divisions that fit their personal skill level. Teams are then assigned a balanced mix of players within the division’s skill level range. Recognize teams will be a balance of the full range and play the best to your ability, while being respectful of your teammates and opponents whose skill levels may differ from your own. Teams are shuffled and re-assigned at the start of each season, a process we believe emphasizes the best attributes of team sport, and supports competitive play and personal skill development. We find players in our league are also more likely to socialize with others throughout their division before or after games, building a close community and improving the overall experience.

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        HockeyFinder Hockey League Rules

        RULE #1

        The first and most important rule of this league is that EVERYONE is to have FUN. These are mixed level games so by signing up to this league you acknowledge there will be less and more skilled players than you playing. Please be aware of this and do your best to include everyone in the game. Rough and unfriendly play will NOT be tolerated.

        (a) All USA Hockey rules are in effect unless otherwise stated.

        (b) Hockey Finder has final authority concerning all rules and regulations including, but not limited to, suspensions, expulsions and general discretion of conduct.

        General Rules

        1. This is a NO CHECK, NO BS, friendly league. Being ejected from a game will automatically receive another game suspension. A second ejection will result in an expulsion from the league without refund.
        2. Absolutely NO FIGHTING. This will result in an automatic expulsion from the league without refund.
        3. No slapshots - the hockey stick cannot break a horizontal plane. No faking a slapshot. Either offense results in a whistle and faceoff in offending player's defensive zone.
        4. Face offs only at the 9 dots, nearest spot to the same zone that the puck was last played from.
          • In a situation where the puck goes out of play during game action in the offensive zone, the ensuing faceoff will now remain in that zone, regardless of whether a player from the attacking team or the defending team was the last to touch the puck.
        5. End-zone faceoffs for penalties.
        6. It doesn't happen very often, but if there's a blown icing call, restart at center ice instead of all the way down.
        7. All games will be 60 mins and consist of 3 periods. 2 - 17 mins run time periods and a 3rd period based on the remaining time.
        8. Last 2 mins of the game shall be played stop time only if the goal differential is 2 or less and there's enough time still left in the ice rental. Trailing team, fan, ref or anyone for that matter can watch/stop the clock. Play shall not be stopped when the game is tied.
        9. Entering the third period, a team trailing by five (5) or more goals will be allowed to ice one (1) additional skater for the remainder of the game or until the goal differential is less than 5. Should that team receive a penalty they would play 5v5 for the duration of the penalty. A second penalty with time still remaining in the first one would result in 4v5. A third penalty with time still remaining in the first two would still be played 4v5 and that penalty wouldn't start until the first one is finished.
        10. If there are no referees then the game will be played pickup style with each team responsible for keeping their own score.
        11. If one or both teams do not have a goalie the game will still be played as a regular game. If one goalie is missing that team will either use the place the goalie board on the net or play with an extra skater. If both goalies are missing teams will use the goalie boards or flip both nets forward from their pegs and have to bounce the puck off the back boards and in to score a goal. Refs will still do the game and everyone will make the best of the situation.
        12. All players must agree to the league's terms and waiver. This is part of the online registration process.
        13. Subs - Teams can only field players from their roster however a sub player can be used according to the following:
          • Only request subs if your team has under 10 skaters and/or has no goalie.
          • All subs must be registered with Hockey Finder, and be an active league player playing in the current season. Only exception is for sub goalies.
          • All subs must be within the skill range for the division and ideally a similar skill level of the player they are replacing.
          • Subs are allowed during playoffs if the individual(s) is cleared by the opposing captain.
          • Failure to abide by these guidelines will result in an ineligible player and the game will be forfeited.
          • Teams can use as many subs as needed however no more than needed to get to 10 skaters.
          • Non active players (not playing in the current season) may NOT be used for any reason except for goalies. Goalies do not have to be active league players.
          • Captains who violate this rule will not be asked to return as a captain.
        14. Teams, as absolute last resort for competitive balance, may be subject to roster adjustments at any point in the season.
        15. Only registered players on team rosters or on approved sub lists may play.
        16. Regular season games do not have overtime or a shootout. If a game is tied at the end of the 3rd period it is recorded as such. If any playoff game should end in a tie a best of three shootout will be used to determine the winner. If still tied, a single player 1v1 sudden death shootout will be held until a winner is determined.
        17. Alcohol Usage - The consumption of alcohol prior to the game at the arena is unacceptable. Players will not be allow to play should the captain and/or ref feels the player is under the influence of alcohol. The consumption of alcohol post game is at the discretion of the players. Hockey Finder in no way encourages or endorses the consumption of alcohol in the locker room, at the arena or on the arena premise.
        18. Hockey Finder reserves the right to remove a player from a division or the league if they do not fit the skill level or play in the spirit of the program. The player will be offered either another division to move to if there are spots available or a pro-rated refund.

        Unspoken Rules

        Be aware of your ice time - Remember to take quick shifts and keep ice time equal.

        These are mixed level games. Be aware of lower level players and give them time and space. Be aware of more skilled players and do not slash or hook them.

        Minor/Major Penalties

        1. Any player having been assessed three (3) minor penalties in the same game will be automatically ejected from that game however no further discipline will result.
        2. Players ejected because of a major penalty or a 10 min misconduct will automatically receive another game suspension. A second ejection because of a major penalty or a 10 min misconduct will result in an expulsion from the league without refund.
        3. If a player is ejected during a second game in the same season this will result in an automatic expulsion from the league without refund.
        4. A third ejection resulting from incidences from multiple seasons will result in an automatic expulsion from the league without refund.
        5. Body checking penalties will be deemed as two (2) offences. Two (2) body checking penalties in the same game will result in the immediate ejection from that game plus a further game misconduct.


        Tie break to determine playoff seeding - Total wins, then head to head, then goals against in head to head match up, then total goals against for the season, then total goals for in the season, then flip a coin.

        If any playoff game should end in a tie a best of three shootout will be used to determine the winner. If still tied, a single player 1v1 sudden death shootout will be held until a winner is determined.

        5 vs 5 Rules

        1. Blueline icing.
        2. Two line passes are ok.
        3. 5 second faceoff rule. In order to maximize ice time and keep the game moving the refs have been instructed to drop the puck 5 secs after they get to a faceoff circle.
        4. All minor penalties are two minutes and we be served as normal unlike the 3 vs 3 rules.

        3 vs 3 Rules

        1. Face-offs will occur only at the beginning of each period or in case of coincidental penalties (see Minor Penalties).
        2. When play is stopped due to the goalie controlling the puck or a goal was scored, a whistle will signal the attacking players to vacate the zone. Once all the attackers have exited the zone, the players may re-enter to resume play immediately. They may not challenge the opposition until they have all exited the zone. Attacking prematurely may result in a penalty for the offending team.
        3. There is no centre-ice (red) line, and therefore no icing calls or offside passes.
        4. All offside plays at the blueline will be deemed delayed offside and the referee will call for the offending players to release the puck and exit the zone. Once all the offending players have exited the zone together, they may re-enter the offensive zone.
        5. Teams do not switch ends after each period.
        6. In the absence of a goaltender, teams will play with four (4) skaters. The fourth skater may not exit their zone except to change or in the last shift of the game. Fourth skaters are not required to change on the buzzer and can change at any time.
        7. All minor penalties will result in an immediate breakaway situation for the offended player. The referee will place the puck on the centre face-off spot and the remaining players will line up, stationary, on the backside blueline. Play will commence on the referee s command and the shift resumes as normal. If the offended player is injured and unable to perform the breakaway, the coach will assign one (1) player from the ice to replace that player.
        8. Coincidental penalties shall result in a faceoff at centre ice.
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