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Minnesota Made St Louis Park - formerly Hat Trick — Rink: BLUE

Friday, May 3rd, 2024 — 8:00 PM

Organized By: Johnny Loney  
Scheduled Date: Friday, May 3rd, 2024 — 8:00 PM
Session Type: Pickup Hockey
Session Length: 90 minutes
Total Skaters: 14
Total Goalies: 2
Session Cost: $18.00
Goalie Session Cost: Free
Skill Level: Level 2 - Beginner to Intermediate  Skill Definitions

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Organizer Notes:

This skate is listed as a level 2. Most players are in the 2-3 range. While we allow players slightly over the level 3, if you are in this category, please note the expectation is you give the lower level players a little extra time and a little extra room on the ice. Note: this is played on a studio sized sheet of ice so the plan is to play 3v3 hockey. no icing, no zones, and please try to keep shifts under 2 minutes. Small quarters so please play friendly. This is for beginner/intermediate players only. Please bring both a light and dark jersey, in case of necessary balancing changes. Let me know if you have any questions: Johnny Loney,

Please Note: If you cancel from this skate time you'll need to contact the organizer to see if you're eligible for a refund. Hockey Finder is not responsible for refunds.

Dark Team

1:  Jeff Stanley  
2:  Derrick Doty  
3:  Patrick Gillespie  
4:  Brian Filiatrault  
5:  Matt Mertz  
6:  Matthew Eisenschenk  
7:  Erich Young  
GT:  Kyle Rhodes  

Light Team

1:  Nick Rhodes  
2:  Molly Young  
3:  Chris Williams  
4:  Saul S  
5:  Peter Brezonik  
6:  Craig Brezonik  
7:  Johnny Loney  Captain  
GT:  Stephanie Erven  
Minnesota Made St Louis Park - formerly Hat Trick
2201 Florida Ave S
St Louis Park, MN 55426


Wait List

1:   Brad Wodash  
2:   alex lehto  
3:   Jason Huber  
4:   Shad Uhl  
5:   Evan Niedfeldt-Thomas  
6:   Lee Nguyen   
7:   Suzanne Muench  
8:   Derek Arisian  
9:   Dan Conybeare  
10:   Chris Jones  
11:   Hans Beernink  
12:   Joel Adams  
13:   Nathan Blesener Goalie  
14:   Joshua Servais  
15:   Chris Way  
16:   Owen pazandak Goalie  
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