action: twincitieshockeyleague Twin Cities Team Based Hockey League!

League Highlights

  • 60 minute ice times - Three 17-minute running time periods
  • Two referees
  • 11 game season (9 regular season, 2 playoff). All teams play the same amount of games.
  • Four seasons per year
    • Fall: Oct though December (11 games)
    • Winter: January though March (11 games)
    • Spring: April though June (11 games)
    • Summer: July though Sept (11 games)
  • Currently accepting teams of skill Level 2.5 and 3.5 (other levels will be added if there is enough interest)
    Skill Level Definitions
  • Schedule: Games will be on consistent night of the week: Thursday
  • Contact us with any questions and we will get back to you right away.


    The goal is to have a fun, friendly, social league where teams are able to hang out together after their games. Winning is great but at the end of the day we are all adults and our livelihood doesn't depend on us signing a hockey contract. There's absolutely no reason to fight, try to injure another player or swear at the refs. Hockey Finder leagues are for teams who respect the game and the players they play against. We expect everyone to play within the rules and promote a fun, friendly, social atmosphere. NO EXCEPTIONS!

    Registration Information

    • Early team registration fee for Winter is $2150 (if paid in full by Feb 28)
    • Cost per player (based on 16 player roster - 9 forwards, 6 defense, 1 goalie) - ONLY $124.69
    • Cost per player per game - $11.34
    • Late team registration fee is $2300 (Must be paid in full by Nov 23rd)
    • Rosters Due: March 15, 2013 for Spring season
    • All players must be registered with USA Hockey
    • Captains required to attend a captains meeting in March (time and location TBD)
    • All league participants receive 10% off at Hockey Giant
  • Individual players are invited to play in the individual based hockey league


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            League Q&A

            Q. How many teams in each level?
            A. This is the first season. As of Aug 1st there are 4 teams in the Level 2.5 division and 2 teams in the Level 3.5 division. If there are not four teams registered by Aug 25th for a particular division registration fees will be refunded.

            Q. What days and times will we be playing?
            A. We are working on set schedules. In order to reserve times we need your teams to commit. No games will be scheduled later than 10pm during the week. No Saturday games.

            Q. How is overly aggressive play or fighting handled?
            A. The league will mirror the culture of our individual based league. Captains must be engaged in the league community. Fighting is not tolerated! A Game Misconduct (not to be confused with a Game Ejection or 10 minute misconduct) comes with next game suspension. A 5 minute major automatically adds a game misconduct. 2 game misconducts in a season = out for the rest of the season and a 1 year ban. Any fist fights = 1 year ban. 2nd fist fight = permanent ban. All suspensions are non-refundable. There are no exceptions.

            Q. Not sure if my team fits in the 2.5 or 3.5 skill level?
            A. Teams should consist of players within a .5 point skill range of the division level. This is obviously not an exact science. After each season the league will determine whether or not a team should move up or down a level.

            Q. What are the Uniform Requirements?
            A. All players on a team must have a matching light and dark jersey with numbers on the back. Matching practice jerseys are also acceptable.

            Optional: Teams can have sublimated jerseys made through the league, a light and dark version, for $110/player.

            Q. Where will the games be played?
            A. After registration team captains will be asked their preferred location. The league will do it's best to schedule games within 10 miles of that location..

            Q. I don't have a team but want to play...
            A. Players that want to play but are without a team are highly encouraged to join our individual based hockey league.

            Q. Will there be higher level divisions?
            A. We will add other levels if there is enough interest from teams. Please contact us and let us know if you're interested..

            More questions?
            Contact us and we will get back to you right away.

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